Cousins Aslaug and Torbjorn 

July 28, 2015

Cousins Aslaug and Torbjorn 

this entry will be short as we spent most of the day and evening catching up on family news after our drive from Mandal to Oslo. There were many laughs and we enjoyed exchanging information and stories.

The plan is to summarize our family story in the book we are working on.

Cousins Aslaug and Torbjorn and daughter Torill 


Aslaug expected us to finish this before we left.


Family farm in Leifjord before it burned down


Written by Cousin Aslaug Chris, the daughter of Uncle Ted or Torvald. Ted was Grandma Benson’s brother who opened Hazel’s Cafe in Laguna. It was written in English. We only have a copy in Norwegian.


Torbjorn and me in their beautiful flat in Oslo. The salmon was great.

3 thoughts on “Cousins Aslaug and Torbjorn 

  1. Glad to get this write up. Very nice looking family! Chris is here for three days. He has a new car, second hand. A suparu. He is working hard. All OK.

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