Downtown Oslo and Cousins Tore and Lisa

July 29, 2015

Downtown Oslo and Cousins Tore and Lisa

After a leisurely breakfast with Aslaug and Torbjorn, we departed to see some Oslo sights. We started with National Gallery with Munch’s “Scream” and much more. It was fun to look for lamdscapes of places we just visited. The Romantics use of clouds and storms seemed very appropriate.

We did a quick walk around the royal palace. Pretty much what you would expect. The guards have neat plumes and ignore irritating tourists. 

       The sculpture garden featuring the work of the Norwegian artist Vige contained an amazing collection of human forms. It was a tour that contortionists would love. It was a celebration of humanity that could make you blush a little. The monolith containing dozens of human forms is truly statling. It happened to be raining while we were there but it was still enjoyable.

           We went to the home of Asbjorn and Torbjorn’s son and his family to the west of downtown Oslo. After a few greetings, Tore offered to take us for a ride in his Tesla to see the ski jump. I was almost ready to jump but it was closed. The excitement was the 700 hp Tesla going from 0 to 60 mph in under 3 seconds. We had a classic Norwegian dinner of tacos and enjoyed conversing with their delightful children.  


5 thoughts on “Downtown Oslo and Cousins Tore and Lisa

  1. Well, there’s nothing shy about those sculptures, that’s for sure! A Tesla and tacos–what’s next, Starbuck’s coffee?

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