Iberian Roadtrip Begins

We are not hiking yet but we are walking. We began stretching our Spanish legs after a bumpy but uneventful flight from San Francisco. Only near disaster was the sprint from the G wing K wing in under 10 minutes to make the connection. We got seats in the very rear of a very big Airbus. There were large school groups I was counting my blessings and sending up a prayer or two for the chaperones.

One train ride to the baggage, several ups and down escalators. Baggage made it. Express bus downtown, cab ride to hotel, up two flights of stairs and no complaints. Bathroom about the size on a cruise ship but it is in the room. Life is good.

Took the Rick Steves’ Walking Tour. A couple of street miles and another in the extravagant royal palace. No pictures inside. OK because we would have another several hundred to go through. If there was ever an argument against monarchy, the 2800 posh rooms are it. Love the unflattering Goya paintings of the royal couple.

Could not get Peggy away from the camera so the pictures are of me.

20130321-164323.jpgThis is the symbol of Madrid, a bear eating berries. Kind of like our neighborhood iconic chainsaw. This was in the Puerto del Sol there was some kind of protest underway with TV cameras but unlike Cairo, people seemed in good spirits.

20130321-164835.jpgThe Plaza Mayor is both striking and spooky at the same time. It was favorite location for the Inquisition to burn assorted enemies of the Church. I am sitting in front of bas reliefs chronicling the historical events in the plaza. The seats are popular.

20130321-165236.jpgThe primary school circle has formed and the teacher is explaining the history of City Hall. Peggy shoot a couple dozen of these.

20130321-165532.jpgAlmost three thousand rooms and not a place to sit. At least there are no goys in kilts guarding the place. The democratically mind Juan Carlos moved to the burbs.


5 thoughts on “Iberian Roadtrip Begins

  1. Glad to hear you survived dozens of cooped-up kids and are on the ground. Laughed about the bathroom. Made me think of one in France that was bigger than our upstairs, with a tub like a sarcophagus. Have a picture of David in it, sans everything but his hat and pipe. Have fun!

  2. I had a dream about you two last night and pictured you walking. So glad to see the real places you are enjoying! Hope to see at least one of Peggy each time so I know that you are enjoying this too, How is the foot? Looking forward for a great trip for all of us as you send back your pictures. Goldie and I doing well. Going to Margie and Bob’s house for dinner tomorrow night. Love you, Mom

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