Old People with Backpacks

Nothing like being a bit self-conscious in the airport. leave the hotel on the shuttle with the nicely coifed and business like airline personal. They carry the efficient and tidy special crew bags. Out stumble the old folks with backpacks. You know, straps and handles akimbo everywhere.

People are quite helpful. They managed to hold their amusement behind smiling poker faces. We did our best to remain anonymous. Passports, boarding passes, baggage check in and the rest went smoothly.

Security screening with a back pack can be interesting fitting it into the grey tub designed for purses. Thankfully, our hiking stuff created none of the dreaded visual, pull the pack apart inspections. We checked our hiking sticks with our throw away duffel bag. After our Spanish-Portuguese road trip, we will abandon our aged travel clothes and consolidate everything we need for the hike into our packs.

Made it to gate 58A in SFO. They are beginning to board.


6 thoughts on “Old People with Backpacks

  1. I’ll bet none of those well-dressed folks on the shuttle could even begin to walk 1000 miles–or even know the reason for doing it. You’re our heroes! Maybe David and I will follow in your footsteps one of these days, just because you showed us it’s possible. I suggested it to David, who thought it might happen. And if you remember him a few months ago, with walker, in his shorts, you’ll know why he’s my hero, for even considering it.

    Nice soft rain in the night. The mountain smells heavenly. Mac took it all in at a mad gallop.

    Travel safely and cheerfully!

  2. ….and so the adventure begins. I am so glad you are sharing your trek with all of us on your blog. As for being “old people”, I don’t think so. 60/65 is now what 40 years were twenty years ago! And, unlike the Appalachian Trail, I doubt you’ll experience any nasty weather, like snow. But I did follow the link and read that French blog…..where they said it’s best to finish hiking before afternoon because of the heat. Enjoy!

  3. Hi guys – so excited you are getting started – what an adventure! God bless you and I know you will be awarded with many adventures! – Your little sis, conni

  4. Yay! Glad you made it through security! Enjoy the travels! We will be living vicariously through you! Be safe!

    Love you! – Lindsay and Matt

  5. AHH!! I am finally “on spring break” from school. Grades done. Open house a memory, and the glorious “weighing of the hogs ” (SAT testing) yet to begin. YOU are my entertainment for the next 10 days!!!!! Better than the evening news! Better than most newly-minted movies! Better than the neighborhood “scoop!” Sigh.

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