Madrid Redeemed, a message for Jen and Brian

Our first experience in Madrid, some 13 years ago, was not good. This time, despite jet lag, Madrid is wonderful.
The Hostal is located in between Puerta del Sol and Plaza Major, the two key pedestrian areas in the old town.five minutes walk gets us to either Getting the tapas, pinchos, racione eating thing down along with the local customs about tipping and where to eat – standing or sitting.

This is the Mercado de San Miguel. A restored market, it caters to well-dressed Madrilenos and tourists. With dozens of tapas sellers, beer and wine providers it is perfect if not working class.




Not the canned paella. Painful.
We also sought out the proletarian eateries. Paella for two with two beers and olive tapas for six bucks. Also had the Spanish fish and chips….calamari bocatillo. One of those goes a long way.

Looking forward to museum day tomorrow after we get over the jet lag…good night from Madrid

4 thoughts on “Madrid Redeemed, a message for Jen and Brian

  1. Thanks so much for sharing – I love traveling so much – our last trip to Portugal was a lot like this – but sorry, even cheaper – is that mom and dad coming through us?

  2. I’m glad to hear that this trip is so much more fun than the last.
    All’s well here. Fog in the Valley, cool Spring winds, robins everywhere.

  3. I didn’t realize you were starting your journey in Madrid. Definitely smiling about you guys finding the “proletarian eateries”. Connie, we are not “cheap”, just frugal……we were raised by people who went through the depression and we can’t shake it off. We look for good value for the money!

  4. Thank you Dad and Mom – so glad that Madrid received a positive review. Probably best that you started in Madrid; starting off the trip well.
    Dad – not sure if it is Rick Steve’s or if you were having an Anthony Bourdain moment. Regardless – love the photo.

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