A Day in Playa del Carmen

February 24, 2019

Today is a another day of prep and relaxation before the intensity of tourism shows itself. We had the pleasure of sharing breakfast with folks who are completing their 21 day tour with our company. They were universally ecstatic about the trip and our tour guide. Although we didn’t meet them all, it was immediately clear that the upper age recommendation of 65 was just a suggestion. In addition to our contemporaries, there was an energetic gentleman with one leg. That should be sufficient inspiration. Although there was a caution about rural potties that house nasty critters that bite. We shall see or feel.

After a leisurely review of their picture and some stories, we were ready to look for a couple of missed items. Peggy wants another pair of shorts so we aimed for the upscale shopping area. This is not because Peggy has impossible standards but rather practicality. It is not fun to have shorts that split in the wrong place while climbing temple stairs. There were plenty of name brand stores to choose from including Old Navy where we found the correct clothes. Many of the stores feature heavy down jackets with fur collars. It is hard to imagine that these were marketed to locals.

You do get the picture that the city, to a large degree, is prosperous. Tourism has brought many jobs. The cabs are not jalopies and zillions of passenger vans roam the streets. If fact, dodging taxis quickly becomes a life skill. The streets are largely kept free of trash although the sidewalks leave some challenges for safe navigation. Hawkers and hustlers are everywhere. It is easy to learn to ignore and walk on by or dismiss them with a regal wave. The trick is not be a jerk about it. I know they are just trying to make a living.

There is a pleasant public beach packed with swimmers and sunbathers on this Sunday. A Catholic service was under way but not overly well attended. We gawked and continued. The massive statuary memorializing the Mayan ball game was much better in full day light. The Pirate themed playground for kids was appropriate with the Caribbean as its setting. Plenty of juice and coconut vendors. We are still practicing strict water discipline so we passed. Also passed on frog tacos.

I went to two different camera-photography-phone shops to see if they would help transfer our wonderful fish cameos from CD to my iPad. They said it was impossible despite my explanations of how to do it several different ways. Despite everyone owning a smart phone, I conclude that the average level of understanding is limited. Of course, this attitude is typical of a Gringo from NorCal. Sorry.

We caught up on laundry down the street where they do an express wash, dry and fold for a couple dollars. Maybe we won’t use our sink supplies. Peggy is happy. We meet up with our tour guide and fellow travelers in a hour for orientation. I’ll find out more and post later.

Just five plus the guide. Time to elaborate later. Off to dinner.

One thought on “A Day in Playa del Carmen

  1. What are those outdoor chairs that look like you have to rest your feet upon an aquarium? Really want to know.

    I’m a CA techno-peasant who could not have helped you transfer your pics onto your iPad….either there or here. I feel their pain, but I can live a long and full life for whatever is left to me without ever knowing this πŸ™‚ Even Einstein said “Don’t ever learn or memorize anything you can look up.” I figure I’ve preserved a lot of my “hard drive” with this understanding. You’ll be able to figure this out either yourself, or with help when you get home. πŸ™‚ It’ll be great.

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