Snorkel Fest

October 30, 2017

It has been an interesting trip and we have learned much. I’ll jump ahead to today and return to the past later. 

There was a huge storm before we arrived. The Big Island, Hawaii, received 6 inches of rain and the effects continued until today. We were able to enjoy calm seas and clear water for the first time. We have been in the water each day with snorkels and fins but the adventure  was limited because of rough seas and our inexperience. Nonetheless, it all paid off today.

We boarded a well designed and equipped snorkel boat at 8:30 this morning. We left the small harbor smartly at 9 and sailed south along the coast for a hour. We reached our destination at the bay where Captain Cook arrived in 1778. The bay is a marine sanctuary and reputably the best snorkeling in the state. Although our experience is limited, I would have to concur.

The British Captain Cook “discovered” the Islamd chain and could be credited with starting  the series of Western arrivals that resulted in the eventual colonization by Missionaries, sailors and planters. It was his misfortune to be consumed by angry Hawaiians who end his career of exploration. I might add that we built a log cabin on the Cook Turnagain Arm south of Anchorage, Alaska. Evidently, Cook had few problems with Alaskan Natives. Anyway, we were anchored at the fateful location of his demise.

We easily entered the comfortable water and donned our full face mask, fins and an inner tube. The first hour sped by. Hundreds of brightly and frequently irredescent colored fish did their thing while we gaped and enjoyed. There was little current and it was much like being in a giant aquarium. The fish seem oblivious to the clumsy folks visiting them. We were gooped  up with reef friendly sun block and looked like Caspar the Ghost reunion. The gue worked and I can report no burns.

We returned to the mother ship for a hamburger lunch and soon jumped back in. I tried my cheapie unterwater camera and got some video. National Geographic won’t be clamoring for my pictures that I need to process and edit. The second hour in the water passed too quickly and I managed to be the last to return to the boat. We would run into schools of yellow tangs and some kind of angler fish in the hundreds. I was mesmerized. I am guess that we saw at least a couple dozen different species. It was over too quick. We needed no wet suit or anything else. It was great. As our President says, “Trust Me”.

Back at the B&B by 3 PM and resting with a Mai Tai.

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