August 28, 2017

Mizpah roughly means, “God protect me”. Tonight we spend our last night on the road at the Mizpah Hotel in Tonopah, Nevada.  We end our epic 13,000 mile road trip where we began with our second day some two months ago.Tonopah lies some 140 miles from Yosemite. We will return through our favorite National Park tomorrow on our way to our home in Columbia. It has Benin quite an adventure.

We left Grand Junction, Colorado this morning and traveled through scenic regions over the Rocky Mountains and through the dry regions of southern Utah. Considering that we have traveled to the ends of the continent in Newfoundland and back, the sights today were just as amazing as any that we have seen. It is no wonder that folks come from all over the planet to see these sights. 

We enjoyed the evening with a visit to the local craft brewery for dinner. We have settled in for the evening at the remodeled 1907 hotel. Peggy has used her camera to record the event. I find it appropriate that Donatello’s David would be in the staircase. David sought the same protection that we have received over the last two months. It has been a great but exhausting adventure. The finale through Yosemite is tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Mizpah 

  1. Thanks Mark,
    I guess I never knew what ‘Mizpah’ meant! My late father owned an ID bracelet with that inscription on the back. He wore it when he flew Spitfires in the RAF and on missions with the Polish Night Fighters before the US entered the WW II. He lived an amazing life coming out of the red dirt of Western North Carolina. I intend to write a book about his life-maybe you can help me? Ha! Today I am filled with mixed emotions as it is my birthday and also his.

    • My goal is to compile a family history and have some fun doing it. Peggy and I have traced our family origins and have visited many of the places. We do like to travel. We will probably aim for the Southeast in the Spring of 2019 or possibly next Spring. The McKenney family still owns what was a plantation near Augusta.

      As for writing, just start anywhere. I figure that my kids are to busy to care much right now but they will eventually. I do want my grand kids to know their origins. Good luck.

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