Whales, Eagles and Cod

July 30, 2017

The two young ladies outfitted us with our uompa lumpa suits that are designed to keep us afloat until someone plucks us from the ocean. We were getting ready to board a small Zodiac inflatable boat for our whale watch. Our two guides were supremely confident and acted like this was far from their first rodeo. In fact, I could immediately place them in their Viking outfits and know that these modern “shield maidens” would take care of us as we prepared to meet the leviathans at close range.

I was relieved that the reported orcas had left the neighborhood. We only had Fin and Humpback whales to share the ocean with us. We soon found them. Yesterday, we viewed the whales from the second story of a boat with 100 plus fellow watchers. Today there were 5 tourists and our crew of two and we were at the same level as the whales. It was much different to hear them blow at close range as we drifted near them with the engines turned off. They are truely magnificent creatures.

The cliff side full of Bald Eagles ignored us and busied themselves looking for dinner. Hopefully, our pictures will reflect their nobility when enlarged. We have to wait to get home to see. We will not have to wait to see the pictures from the colorful village of Trinity where we are staying. The picturesque little port has a long history. It got its name for the date of discovery back in 1501. By 1570 the English were using the protected and easy to defend port for cod fishing. While the point at the harbor opening was fortified with numerous cannon, the French managed to capture and burn the town twice during 18th Century Wars. The town recovered and prospered undil the collapse of the cod fishery in 1992. It was the setting for a TV miniseries (Random Passage) and a movie (Shipping News). The town now attracts tourist from all over.

The cod are still here except the one who helped us enjoy our dinner tonight. We are in a five room B&B in the Beluga Room that overlooks the harbor. There are plenty of hundred year old wooden buildings including our 300 year old restaurant with hand hewn timbers. Before and after dinner we surveyed the craft stores. We are stocking up on puffin stuff. We are waiting to see icebergs before trying Iceberg beer. 

Ready to settle down for the evening.

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