Ferries and Waterfalls on the National Tourist Route

July 25, 2015

Ferries and Waterfalls on the National Tourist Route

The road from Bergen to Stavanger passes through non-stop rivers, lakes, fjords and waterfalls. We spent the day with our eyes wide open and with occasional driving drama. 

   We wound our way out of Bergen going pretty much the way we arrived. We reached the turnoff that brought us to Hardanger Fjord with its walk behind waterfall. Of course, we joined the tourist crowd and caught the spray.




 A ferry ride got us across the Hardanger and we wound through the mountains and lakes. The day passed with many stops and we even found a perfect picnic spot with a dry bench and a waterfall in the background. Oh yes, the sun is shining as you can tell from the pictures.

Upon reaching the Josenfjorden we had arrived at the complex of fjords and islands and peninsulas that lie to the east of Stavanger. We needed one more ferry ride to get us on dry land. We waited for about 45 minutes for the ferry that had just departed to return. We put the time to good use by consuming an ice cream cone.

The town of Bjorheimsbygd housed out place for the night. We drove past the place the first time but went into town to secure dinner supplies. Upon arrival we were pleased to find laundry facilities that were included in the price. We cooked our dinner along with the other guests. There was a large Korean family who set up a portable restaurant in the guest kitchen. Very impressive. Our Polish sausage, peppers and onions looked pretty proletarian in comparison. It was OK since we were done and gone before their rice was ready.

Peggy is finishing the laundry as I complete this day’s compilation. We need to get a good night’s rest as tomorrow we plan to summit Pulpit Rock.

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