Quite a Day

August 27, 2014

8:30 AM We are on our early morning walk along Big Hill. We wanted to get our exercise in before we begin our trek to Alaska. Near Hatler Mill, a pleasant tempered pup joined us. No collar or tags. An obvious drop off. We tried to ignore him as we certainly didn’t need the complication that a lost dog would create today.

The pup was some kind of Lab mix and stuck with us. Of course, people in cars stared at us because they assumed the black and white pup without a leash was ours and needed to stay out of the middle of the road. We felt guilty despite the reality that the dog wasn’t ours. The pup would do fine in the mountain environment since he would disappear off the side of the road and return with deer parts in his jaws. We began to figure that our warm hearted neighbor Suzan might soon have a companion for another foundling, Maclovio.

Luckily, a little after the turn around point, the dog was still with us and lucky bicyclist rode by in the opposite direction. The dog saw her and evidently liked her pace better than ours. She asked if the pup was ours, and we denied ever seeing the dog before. We were saved as we could her telling the dog to go home as he dutifully chased after her. I hope they will be happy. The best news is that we are still dogless.

2:30 PM We arrived at the the San Jose Park and Fly lot after an easy ride from the Ridge. No sooner than we started to board the shuttle, we get phone and text messages from Matt. Lindsay is on the way to the hospital. She thinks her water broke. Matt has left work and is picking up stuff for the hospital before heading there.

4:00 PM Lindsay is at the hospital. Of course, she is not officially due for another month but that may have been a slight miscalculation. We kind of think so since the baby was estimated to weigh x pounds x ounces more than a week ago. Two days ago the doctor said the kid had run out of room and was lining up on the off ramp. So much for the induced labor or premie ward.

Details x’ed out to keep the parents happy

4:45 PM Sitting on the Alaska Airlines plane at San Jose Airport. We boarded early since Mother in Law Bobbie is wheel chair assisted. That is a nice deal except that while Peggy and I had pre-checked status and didn’t need to remove shoes or belts, Bobbie got the full pat down in her wheel chair. Not sure why this happened. We learn that Lindsay was at xCM at 4:30. Half way there. We land in Seattle in two hours and will get the baby update at that point.

We realize that there was no way that we would have reached SoCal in time for the delivery. Lindsay and the baby are not waiting around.

6:45 PM Doctor has been called and is working on the breathing. By the time we clear the Seattle jetway, we learn that Barrett La Porte has also landed at 6:47 weighing in at x pounds plus and x inches. He is a screamer according to his Father. Only other person I know who was described as a screamer was Davy Crockett. We can start looking for that coonskin cap. No other news and we board the plane to Anchorage. We receive text updates on the plane.

7 Something on the Tarmac. Barrett is getting his first physical. No specifics. I am admonished by Matt to not post pictures Facebook. I guess the paparazzi are all over the hospital. We are finally in the air.

8 or so. One celebratory beer down and a few to go. Expecting updates upon landing. I will have talk Peggy into landing on the ground with the plane.

We arrived Anchorage made it. More info soon

3 thoughts on “Quite a Day

  1. Great recapturing of the event Dad!!! Can’t wait to see photos of Mom receiving the news. Cheers to the new grandparents!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS, Great-Grandma, Grandma and Grandpa! What a thrilling send-off! Can’t wait until I see Barrett’s sweet face on the tabloids at Savemart. Peggy–have you come to earth yet, or are you still orbiting?

    PS: Thanks for not bringing the puppy this way. Maclovio has proprietary feelings about us both.

  3. Although I read each entry as posted, I didn’t comment. Now I’m rereading….I can just imagine Peggy’s joy. Last night I was thinking about nicknames for Barrett and it came to mind that when he goes to school, I imagine the kids will call him Rhett LaPorte.

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