Sun is Out and Lavender is Blooming

Matthew 5:14-16

The overcast skies soon cleared and we are in Spanish sunshine. There is a cool breeze so the hiking is comfortable. Reached Castrojerez before one after a quick 20 km walk. Moved into our cute, tenement looking pre-fab bungalow in the shadow of a ruined 9th Century castle. Take a look.







The heater works, the shower is hot, perfect.

Nice breakfast and a quick ride back to where we got our hotel transport in Hornillos. Headed out of town and started a gradual climb. Reached Hontanas around 10:30 and stopped for Limon and cookies. Many pilgrims that we know were there doing the same.





Peggy was taking a picture fest day. We did come across large patches of wild lavender in bloom. I assume it is Spanish not French. Many other flowers lined the trails through the wheat fields. After leaving Hontanas we dropped into a valley that was a nice change of pace. Reached the ruins of the Convent of St. Anton about noon. Anton was a hermit in Egypt and is patron saint of animals. He is usually depicted with a pig at his feet. Have not seen that yet but will certainly get a picture. The convent’s order had the symbol of Tau and a T shaped cross. It symbolized protection against evil and sickness. The order helped quell outbreaks of St. Antony’s Fire caused by fungal growth on barley. They don’t eat barley anymore and a pilgrimage for exercise seemed to cure the problem.






The arch we are walking through are the ruins of the 15th Century convent.





Doing laundry right now at our campground- bungalow locale. We did walk around town enough to see the Church of Our Lady of the Apple. St. James saw the Virgin holding an apple on this spot and his horse stomped so hard that he left an imprint on a stone in front of the door. Didn’t find the hoof print but we did find the horseshoes on the door. Not sure how all this works.








2 thoughts on “Sun is Out and Lavender is Blooming

  1. Very impressive place to stay —with all the comforts. Perfect places for history lovers and the pics are great!
    I am finally getting to the drawers that need cleaning out, my desk and the one on the chest where my TV is. Doing pictures now and hope to fill up the trash cans. Spain has been a surprise to me and I am enjoying your trip very much. All is well here but I am really looking forward to your home coming. Lots of love and good wishes for the rest of your trip.

  2. Your abode looks a bit like FEMA housing, but I’m sure its a space of welcome privacy and amenities. Peggy, you look thin. Are you getting enough to eat?

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