Path in the Woods

Proverbs 3:5-6

Reporting in from Cajarc on the banks of the Lot River. My last posting was from Figeac where we had a gourmet meal thanks to many ducks who gave their all. This is duck and goose territory. As we left Figeac, we passed a huge foix gras factory.

Also passed by a large monument to local resistance members who were sent to Germany in May of 1944. Few returned. The pictures will give you a good feel for the area that we are passing through. We walked around 23 km yesterday to reach a gite near Grealou. It was developed using ecosensitive materials with composting toilets (they had no odor at all). Quite pleasant and a private room. Very modern but no wifi connection.

There was rain forecast for today and we are nearing a stretch with few facilities. We decided on a 12 km walk to Cajarc and are staying in guest room at a private home. These are the French equivalent of a B&B. Got there by noon and had a big lunch with a pitcher of wine at a restaurant. Never a good idea when walking. Peggy took a picture of some lilacs that grace the table that I am working at. She is napping. It is raining but we are inside and warm.

Certain patterns seem to develop on these paths that we are taking. We meet many people. We walk with them and meet up with them in the evenings for a few nights and then they are gone. Many of the French walk a few days or a week or so and then leave the trail. Everyone kisses goodbye except me. I still do the hand shake with a hug for the women. Forgot to mention that we had one more encounter with the jolly French lady. As we were walking to the pharmacy in Livenrac, her group drove up in their car on their way somewhere. It was like meeting old friends. The timing had to be perfect as we shared the common path for only a few seconds.

We are currently sharing the path or Chemin with Roger and Helen from Melbourne, Australia. They are doing the French section of the Camino after doing the Spanish section in 2009. We will bid them adieu in a couple of days as we are walking a bit faster. We are also finding a pace that we both find comfortable. It seems to be between 3 and 4 km per hour. It is much easier to walk our path as a team rather looking behind to see where we are. The ground is also much easier. We shall see where the way takes us next.























5 thoughts on “Path in the Woods

  1. Glad to find a posting today, missed having one yesterday. The pictures of the beds reminded me of some of the rooms in France on my trip. The mail is all taken care so far without much trouble. I Enjoy all your details about the food and people you are meeting. HAPPY TRAILS TO YOU TWO AND HUGS AND KISSES.

  2. We are thoroughly enjoying your adventures. Absolutely beautiful countryside. Did you think of Hamilton Duck’s Springtime Story when the blossoms were blowing, Peggy?

    • Absolutely on Hamilton ! We stayed at a B&B and had dinner with the family,including a five year old. She told her grandmother that she would not talk at dinner since she did not know English. She was darling! So many times I have thought about telling you about something that jogs a Kinder memory. We’re having a great time. With love, Peggy

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  3. Looks like a fairly large town? Glad to hear your news ! Starting to clean out my classroom. 32 more days, but who’s counting…take care and stay safe!

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