What a Difference a Day Makes

Proverbs 3:5-6

After a restful night in the Templar’s Hospital we are much better. Did not find their treasure but we didn’t try too hard. Last night, the meal was exceptional. the hospice specializes in regional products in their cooking and for sale to tourists. Unlike a normal restaurant their policy is to keep serving until you surrender. Every dish was excellent. I have no idea what the soup was but I could not get enough. The local beef and aligot (potatoes and cheese) helped the curative process. the local wine was superb as were the extraordinary farm cheeses. The dessert was some kind of heavy cream with berry sauce. Not bad for old crusaders.

Watched the sun come up and then had our cafe and bread.



Left with the rest of the crew around eight. Walked through a managed forest for a while. They did selective cutting. Could not resist taking a picture. Still looks a forest with minimal ground disturbance. The squirrels will just have to jump further.


We soon came across a fountain dedicated to St. Roch who cures pilgrims. He usually is pictured with his dog carrying bread in his mouth. Maybe Maclovio could carry a biscuit. The chapel is nearby and has been rebuilt a few times since the 12th Century. The real highlight of the stop was the waterless WC. Perfect timing.











Continued a pleasant walk mostly a gentle downhill until we reached St. Alban-sur-Limagnole where we stopped for a restaurant lunch and an hour stop. That left 7 km and a couple of moderate climbs. Ran into some Parisienne ladies who wanted to practice English. Continued to follow the couple from Quebec that walk at a similar pace to ours. Spending a night in the same gite with them.

Arrived at the gite around three. Showers and a glass of wine. Peggy is having a beer made from chestnuts. I’ll stick with the red stuff. Both of us are in good spirits with 20 km under our belt. Tired but not exhausted. No known physical Issues worthy of report. Looking forward to another wonderful farm dinner.

We are planning on a 14 km hike tomorrow followed by a 19 km before we climb over the Aubrac summit the next day. We are getting stronger and the walking easier.





The last little hut in the woods was not available for the night.

4 thoughts on “What a Difference a Day Makes

  1. So glad to hear a good report today. With all that great food, it is a good thing that you are getting such good exercise! I am trying to spot where you are on my maps. All is well here

  2. Am awaiting a close-up of La Bete. Looks like he/she/it could be housed in that hermitage in the woods. Will consider how best to train Maclovio to carry biscuits. Perhaps starting with ones made of stone or soap? Two nights in a row he has been valiantly defending the garbage cans from an unknown raider, barking frantically for over an hour. Trash disbursed generously, nevertheless. Love the dog-headed fountain! Cheers!

  3. We are really enjoying your stories and pictures. Makes our travel bugs start bitting. It looks like an amazing, spiritual trip. We’re ready for the test! 🙂

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