A Blog too Soon

The first part of this was written almost immediately after we reached our destination. After two hours of rest and a shower, the world looks different. Le Sauvage was built by the Knights Templars in the 11th Century to provide a hospice for pilgrims. The structure is massive.

Currently reposing on a bed in Le Sauvage after our first 20 km hike. The five hundred meter climb seemed to go on all day with a steep climax at the end. We will know in a few hours if the exertion was too much. I think we will be fine in a few hours. Feet and bodies are fine. Just tired.

The place is very nice and popular with French day trippers in cars or with day packs. Pilgrims always stand out in these situations. Been there before many times. We are too tired to add the pictures of this place just yet. Peggy is in the shower and will perk up after that or after the meal this evening.

Left Saugues around eight after grabbing a coffee and a croissant. Many nice carvings including one of a washerwoman and one of a gnome home. The day was sunny and breezy. Climbed steadily and at around km 9.5 we stopped for hot chocolate at a farm. Things were well.

Continued to climb through fields and woods. Had a picnic on the side of the trail around km 14. Peggy was getting tired. We both we feeling it when we hit the last series of climbs around km16. The trail had been rerouted since our guide book was authored. Found our way.

Really tired the last three kilometers. Rested frequently. Finally saw the gigantic structure some two kilometers away. Easy road but tough because of the tiredness. Not many options in the deep woods. Made it and we will recover.

















Ultimate picnic table. Templar style.The courtyard and many of the connected structures have been added over the centuries.The original 12th century hospice has the buttressing common in that era.
We are housed with many of our compatriots somewhere in this place. We will be fine after a French meal.













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5 thoughts on “A Blog too Soon

  1. Oh, you poor Pilgrims….weary you are. But you made it and after a shower, a big meal and a good night rest, I’m sure you’ll be fine. Maybe 20 km are too much for you guys…..cut back to 15km a day. Definitely don’t want either of you having a heart attack or stroke on the Pilgrimage. That would be no fun.

    • The issue was climbing all day. Never got much in the way of easy walking. We had a gourmet meal and Peggy laughed so much at the dinner conversation that her sides hurt. Our plan is to do another 20 today….gentle downhill. See how it goes. Health issues are fine.

  2. Hope tomorrow will be easier and not as long. Can you just take a day from walking and stay at your hostel to rest if you need to? I talked to David a while ago and he was enjoying watching his new big scene TV on his patio, knowing that all his tax season stuff is done and emailed in. He made it through another season and hopes to reduce his numbers next year.
    I have ordered hearing aides and will have 45 days to try them out and see if they work for me. I chose the ones that go behind my ears. All OK here.

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