Rain Gear Works

Raining all day. Thankfully we had dry weather yesterday for our long walk around Lisbon.

Drove to another UNESCO World Heritage city, Evora. On the way we paused to check out the Portuguese stone henge. Technically a cromlech or stone circle.



Peggy is pointing out the markings. Very similar to the Irish markings from last year.

Another good reason to stop was to pay homage to the humble cork tree that every nine years surrenders its outer bark layer for the good of the wine industry. They need a little love after being denuded

Found the hotel easy enough. Pouring rain. You park on the sidewalk with emergency lights going while you run the luggage up 30 or so stairs. Meanwhile some clown in a motor home ties up traffic because he can’t get by me….easy for cars as it is supposed to be. Move the car to a better temporary spot. Need to relocate outside of the medieval walls. The free parking was located a quarter mile away from the hotel. not an issue without the rain. Time for rain pants and other stuff we will use on the trail. Saved our bacon here.

Cool little city with Roman, Moorish, Gothic, Romanesque and Renaissance buildings all in the same photo. Trouble with the mist.






There are numerous shops selling tiles and all sorts of things made from cork. Since this is Good Friday, things are a bit subdued. Visited the basilica while they were getting ready for the service.

They did have some interesting products that the Bryson side of the family would be familiar with


Did manage to find a great little restaurant whose menu says it all.


The day was a little short on activity compared to our usual schedule. Make it up tomorrow.

Oh yes, our rain gear worked great even without pulling out the massive rain ponchos.

5 thoughts on “Rain Gear Works

  1. As much traveling as I have done, I have to admit Portugal was one of my favorite countries – I know this probably is not on your agenda – but the town of Luso is really special – in the mountains – sorry got to go, I’m getting overwhelmed by fumes by my neighbor getting his septic system pumped – probably TMI – Conni

  2. Love the photo with the Roman ruins, etc! Glad the technical end of things is holding strong. Speaking of rain, there’s a rumor about that we may get snow this weekend. Happy Easter!

  3. Evora seems to have it all. As a photographer, I think it would be fun staying several days there photographing the Temple of Diana, the waterworks as well as some of the Moorish architecture. By the way, is this unusual weather for the Portuguese with all the rain….or just the norm?

    • Don’t know about the rain patterns. They say this is the coldest spring in Europe in over 100 years. Cold OK Rain sucks although everything is green.

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