Wandering Around San Cristobal

March 3, 2019

After our long day yesterday exploring indigenous villages, we decided to explore our residence of a couple days, San Cristobal de las Casas. It’s foundation by the Spanish goes back to a century before the Pilgrims landed. Of course, the Mayan were here long before and still dominate in numbers if not in political or economic power.

Last night we survived the two for one Margarita night and watched street entertainers in the Plaza Major. They energetically performed their version of Mayan warriors dances. The pictures in the dark leave something to be desired. We wandered through the night market with the vendors using flashlights to illuminate their handicrafts. Thought to but what you can’t see. The scene was interesting anyway,

This morning we headed for the weekly street market and spent a couple hours. Peggy found another hat. I found Amber bracelets at the right price. It is always amazing to see the effort these folks put into their goods. Unfortunately, we don’t need what they have have to offer but looking is fun for us.

The rest of the day is occupied with visits to the small municipal museum and well done museums for Cacao and Jade. Chiapas played a large role in the development of chocolate as well as producing great coffee. The cocoa drinks are a bit different than Swiss Miss from home. Luckily, we were able to sleep last night after imbibing a cup before bed. 

The historic town center retains the same grid street plan as laid out centuries ago. The roads are all single lane and the sidewalks are a slippery adventure in themselves. People are courteous and friendly despite our stumbling attempts at Spanish. Where we have gone, the streets are clean and orderly in a somewhat chaotic manner. The number of foreign tourists testify to its popularity and it has been a good rest before heading to Guatemala tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Wandering Around San Cristobal

  1. Wow! This sounds like a tame scene out of “Romancing the Stone,” or something….the market places, the night Native serenades, etc. It occurred to me after reading this that I should send money along with you to buy examples of native arts (ie the amber jewelry) for me to use in my art room. How dumb have I been to have missed this resource all these years of your travels? (I will NEVER end up traveling to your destinations…….Bob is NOT a traveller…as you have experienced already on at least one occassion). Anyway…this post sounded sooooooo “laid back,” like a place you’d “hang out” in for maybe a week if your were not on a schedule.

  2. PS…..obviously post-Spaniard invasion/discovery/occupation (whatever you recognize it as) , San Cristobal de las Casas….means, literally by my Spanish interpretation, “St. Christopher of the Houses/Homes” Or maybe, liberally, “these are the homes of St. Christopher”…..meaning maybe…this village is a devotee/protectorate of St. Christopher….the traveller. What did you find out about this naming, if anything?

  3. I just got back form waking the lone time and loved seeing befit flu ret grouse All is good here glad you are enjoying each day! BB

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