Beach and Rest Day

October 29, 2017

I had promised Peggy that we would have one day of nothing. Today was the day. We decided to join Sal and Joan for a morning at the beach. Our hostess recommended a beach just north of the airport. It was a good choice and we were not alone. The small beach was full of folks like us and many much younger.

The surf was running from4 to 6 feet. We carefully chose our entry point to avoid the jave out croppings. The water was comfortable and we enjoyed our encounter with the reminded me of long ago in Laguna. My body surfing skills are gone but we had fun diving under waves and floundering around. After a few hours, we became concerned about sunburn and decided to pack up.

Sal and Joan were heading back to Ketchican tonight. They did last minute shopping while we went to Costco for rotisserie chicken. We did our best on the chicken and said goodbye to Alaskan friends. The rest of the evening was quiet as was the day. I guess we can enjoy a day of relaxation every once in a while.

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