Yellowstone Buffalo

August 22, 2017

I have just enjoyed my second brew while watching a buffalo circus. An old bull has been resting peacefully this afternoon about 30 yards from where I am writing. He seems amused by all of the campground attention. I have witnessed numerous attempts at buffalo selfies, nervous mothers with their toddlers, an occasional would be action photo taker approach much closer than my picnic table. For the most part, the old guy will look up and then return to his supine position in the dust. It is not often than your beer drinking partner that weighs 1500 pounds. He is up again. I better get on with my daily scribe before he comes over to review it.

We left Cody, Wyoming this morning not knowing where we would settle in for the night. After a tortuous drive up the North Fork of the Shoshone River, we arrived in Yellowstone. The Ranger at the entry station told us to check out the nearby reservation only campground. It was a great tip. It said full at the entrance. Peggy got me to inquire at the office. At first they said what the sign said. Then the clerk felt my distress and a miracle occurred, there was an early checkout. We had a campy for the night. My buffalo buddy is now standing and figuring his next move. Peggy is peacefully doing her Bible study about 60 feet from the guy. He is no heading for a nearby tent. So far so good.

We have spent the day wandering amounts the geologic wonders of this place. Besides the seemingly endless pools and fumaroles, we also managed to see Old Faithful who was right on time to the minute. I am not sure who comes up with all the descriptive names. They are kind of like the people who write the descriptions on wine labels. “The Abuss, the Blue Pool, the Black Pool, etc. are all in good fun. So are the crowds of picture takers who for the most part act properly around pools of boiling water. There were a few who couldn’t resist dipping their fingers in the hot springs.

On our circle drive around the thermal features, we encounter numerous buffalo herds and small groups wandering near the roads and occasionally across it. Large traffic jambs are a result. This is OK because that is why we come in the first place. We did watch a frustrated Ranger try to shoo some baffalo away from folks trying to do selfies with the bison. He also had to direct traffic around a couple of bulls that were determined to hold their ground in the middle of the road. Speaking of traffic, that is the nightmare of Yellowstone. Half of the surrounding states must be here along with plenty of others like us. 

Our campground friend finally wandered off. Hopefully, his elk buddy who was here last night will return.

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