Quebec and Old Friends

August 8, 2017

We easily reached Quebec. By the way, the farms and countryside on the way down (actually up) the St. Lawrence were beautiful. It is hard to believe that the area was so fertile and rich. With time to spare,we decided to see some of the sights. At least that was the plan. A few miles from the hotel was the Parc de la Chute-Montmorency. A Chute is a waterfall. This one is three times higher than Niagra but not as wide. It must of had the same number of visitors as Niagra. They all squeezed into a parking lot through a simgle lane opening. It was comical and more exciting than the waterfall. Maybe the waterfall would have been more exciting if Peggy had let me use the zip line. But to reach the zip line meant climbing a thousand or so steps. Since they were steel and not stone or hundreds of year old wood, Peggy wasn’t interested.

We attempted to reach the parks in the center of Quebec on a reconnoiter for tomorrow. We will use a Hop On – Hop Off bus all day tomorrow. We amazingly made it into an underground parking lot. It was full. Or at least we found no spaces. We gave up and returned to the hotel and rested. Our old friends from the Chemin St. Jacque Richard and Marie were joining us for dinner 

The last time we were with the couple was in France 5 years ago. We were experiencing the Camino or Chemin together in the rain and the mud. Looking back, the time was both memorable and wonderful – once you got by the blisters and sore legs. We enjoyed a Mexican dinner of Fajitas. Some what   strange but consistent with our travel adventures. They were delightful. We are eager to have them visit us in California. Richard is getting ready for another Camino walk in September. I am jealous but we have our own plans. The pose in the Sombreros was a bit much but fitting. Only crazy people walk for fun 

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