Tiny Toads, Ticks and Moose

August 7, 2017

When crossing New Brunswick  you  are constantly warned about moose. Didn’t see one. Nor did we see the tiny toads migration that closed traffic to Whistler in British Columbia. I think a toad closure would have been great. Instead all we could do was take pictures of moose warning sign in English and French. 

We took a couple of hours to reach Houlton in Maine. Peggy finally convinced me to have my three week old tick bite looked at by a doctor. I knew I didn’t have Lyme disease since I still craved wine. We went to a clinic where the doctor performed a 30 second outpatient surgery removing some tick part that was causing an inflammation. I got some antibiotics. She got invaluable information about Puffin watching in Newfoundland. We were both happy. Peggy is relieved that I am OK and free from the threat of a dibilitating disease. On to the next challenge.

The drive across New Brunswick was woody. We drove a while in Maine until I had seen enough potato fields and white farmhouses. We continued on the highway towards Quebec. We managed to find a room on the St. Lawrence River near Quebec. The best part was a visit to a Super Marche. I knew I was in the right place when I saw that they sold 150 varieties of cheese, real baguettes for 60 cents, actual wine from grapes and dark chocolate. We were like kids in a candy store.

With my pigeon French, I am greeted like a long lost relative. I am looking forward our visit to Quebec.

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