Flower Pot Rocks and Other Delights

July 22, 2017

Continued up the east coast of New Brunswick to reach Fundy National Park. We got our complimentary national park pass. This is Canada’s 150th birthday as an independent nation. The Queen is still on the coins. We enjoyed using the red Adirondack chairs that are positioned for traveler use at view points. Canadians are nice like that. In the park we enjoyed a nice walk to Dickson’s Waterfall. Plenty of green everywhere. Also plenty of water.

Peggy was able to find reading materials in the small town of Alma as we continued northeast. I managed to find an interesting bottle of Blueberry wine at a small winery. Unusual to find a dry berry wine. Our normal wine grapes would have a tough time up here. I am enjoying it right now on the porch outside our room overlooking the Bay of Fundy. There is also an intense baseball game underway on the lawn below us. The 5 to 10 year olds have a manicured lawn to practice on with the help of a couple dads. This much better than them spending their evening doing screen time.

We spent the afternoon exploring the Hopewell Rocks that lie at the upper tip of the bay. The rocky cliffs have been eroded by the massive tidal flow of the bay. Each day the bay rises and falls almost 50 feet twice a day. The tidal bore created by this moving water busily carves the shoreline. The result are the eroded sculptured rocks that are topped with rocks. They are called flowerpots because of the greenery that caps their tops. We had plenty of company as we neared low tide. 

Along with plenty of company, we walked on what a few hours before was under 40 pe so feet of water. It was muddy in places but mostly just damp. We managed to move around easily to get our pictures. We did use the LaPortian technique of moving to the sidelines away from the entry to the beach. It is always amazing  how few people will actually walk an extra couple hundred yards to be away from the crowds. I will post a few of the hundred or so that we took. The beach with the rocks is part of the New Brunswick Park system so we paid a modest entry fee. There were plenty of folks there but it only was crowded near the steps that led you down and back up. The place should be on everybody’s bucket list. 

We were lucky to get our room on a busy Saturday. The mosquitos are out but they are nice Canadian ones. They are big but slow. A wave away is sufficient. I only had to smack one. Time to go back to my blueberry wine, the ball game and watching the tide roll out. 

One thought on “Flower Pot Rocks and Other Delights

  1. Awesome, my Sandy and I enjoyed this same scene in July or August of 1969, glad to hear the bore tide is still wondrously entertaining, memories.

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