Thank You Teddy Roosevelt

June 28, 2017

A bronze plaque is mounted in a rock on Eoosevelt Point. Essentially Teddy summed up his beliefs with a statement saying that we can not improve on these natural wonders. It is the responsibility of Americans to preserve these sanctuaries for future generations. Unlike the brief success of a place like Rhyolyte, the Grand Canyon will exist despite the Glen Canyon Dam that captures the silt and has changed the ecology of the canyon. I worry that the current federal stewards of this majestic legacy will continue to explore I he potential mineral and petroleum resources in the canyon watershed. What might benefit a few for a moment in time threatens the legacy Roosevelt mandated. While he made errors as President, Teddy had a belief system beyond pure greed and self-interest.

Besides Roosevelt Point, we visited and did our best to hike and cover ground today. I truly enjoy seeing people from all over our country and many nations living this experience. We started with a visit to the one location on the North Rim with a repuatly good wifi connection. I managed to post a bit of text to let folks know that the Aliens did I not get us. We then headed out across the Kiabab Lateau to the highest point overlooking the canyon, Pointt almost 9000 feet. We chatted with some folks from Maryland as we looked off a 100 miles in the distance. We couldn’t see the Colorado at this point.

We drove across the Walkalla Plateau with a goal of reaching Cape Royal that overlooks Wotan’s Throne and other features that you can see from the South Rim. each stop involves a short hike on a well maintained trail. Peggy talked me into crossing a rock bridge over the Angel’s Window. I figured that the rock structure would last one more day. Folks accommodated us taking our picture together. It is kind of an accepted nicety. Much better than selfie-sticks. It was approaching lunch time. We know from traveling in France that you stop and eat at lunch time no matter the conditions. We found a wonderful bench at the Walhalla Overlook. We enjoyed the very dear fresh food that we had found yesterday. Grapes, cheese and crackers, veggies were wonderful overlooking the archeological ruins on a delta at the canyon bottom. A thousand years ago Anazazi farmers grew their crops and made their homes. Their descendant are most likely the Hopi Indians. 

The real hike for the day was to Cape Final. It was two miles out and two miles back. We made sure that we had plenty of water and our cherished apples as a reward. It was warm but the walk was mostly through a forest with plenty of shady spots. As we walked along we greeted and were greeted by almost everyone. Walking in the woods tends to bring out the best in folks. We finally reached Cape Final Point. Not sure about the entomology of the name, but if you went off the end it would definitely be final. Chatted with a young couple from Lithuania that live in London  we also met a nice family from Orlando, Florida. We enjoyed our precious apples before heading back.

A nice shower and a short nap are restorative. We have reservations in the fancy dining room in the lodge tonight. Our little cabin is cozy.

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