Mountains for Giants

july 20, 2015

Mountains for Giants

A humble but practical breakfast of granola and yogurt with coffee and we were ready. Today we would be crossing the Jotunheimen Mountains that separate western and eastern Norway. They are the highest mountains in Norway and contain the largest glaciers in Europe. We had no idea what to expect except that the sun was out.

Norway in the rain is beautiful. In the sun, it is stunning. We were following the river that crashes through Lom. We didn’t drive far before making one of the forty or so stops that we would make to take a picture and look around. There was a strange monument with Vikings who looked like they belonged in the Ring Trilogy. It was designed like Trajan’s Column. I think I liked the stone chickens lining the driveway better. Of course, there was a bear.

As we drove on, the sights became increasingly spectacular. It is hard to believe that this road follows the medieval route used by horse caravans in the Middle Ages through the Giant’s Home Mountains. 


The road was busy with travelers from all over Europe and the occasional American. They were doing the same thing. It was well orchestrated with well marked photo spots. Everyone cooperated and there were no selfie sticks.


Plenty of sheep


It is hard to believe that this is late July. It got more forbidding. We saw a group of hardy backpackers heading away from the road. I gave them the thumbs up. The rock cairns told travelers where the pathway went. We followed the snow markers. The heated WC was a small miracle. There was even hot water.


We headed down to the Lustra Fjord. It wasn’t the Trollstigen but I figure Dave will talk to me as having earned a couple of stripes. We ate lunch while a road crew removed some boulders from the road. We reached our campground. Peggy brightened up when she saw her shower and the laundry facilities. I found us some chicken, corn on the cob and tomatoes for dinner and even a couple beers. Our campground lodging even has its own fantastic waterfall. I hope they turn it off at night so we can sleep. Just kidding.

We took a quick trip into the town of Skjolden that lies at the head of the Lustrafjord. Found some great scenes that we shared with cute blond haired skinny dippers. They didn’t seem to mind the weather. We are still in full winter dress.


3 thoughts on “Mountains for Giants

  1. You’re right–the column looks like it was created for Lord of the Rings. The mountains look as if you’re in the Sierras–when there used to be snow!

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