Trondheim and Cousin Havard

july 16, 2015

Trondheim and Cousin Havard

After our night in the two bedroom camping cabin. The second  edroom came with a kitchen and dining area. It worked out OK after we got sheets and towels. Another family experience.

We rode the ferry to the beginning of the Trollstigen Road. It was raining on and off. The drive was still nice and pretty easy until we reached the fog. There was a collection of tour buses at the top of the Trollstigen or “Troll’s Ladder”. Everyone from the. The bus riders were at the observation point peering into the thick fog. It appeared pointless so we headed down. We reached a point below the fog where we could see what was ahead of us. 

Driver Dave successfully navigated down the switchbacks. We did not encounter any buses which was great. We did drive by some dramatic scenery and seemingly countless water falls. We managed a picnic at a barren spot on top of a plateau. The quick lunch was consumed and we were on our way.We reached Havard’s home in the “sticks” east of Trondheim.

We laughed that we had offered to pick up pizza as there was nothing for at least 20 miles. Havard and Anne we’re welcoming and took great care of us. Anne brought out better beer than we brought. Dave was relieved when Havard ignored my comment that Norwegian beer is so good that you only need one. The beer kept on coming. After all our driver had conquered the trolls.

Havard is an IT guy at a hospital in Trondheim. He can work from home with his impressive collection of hardware in their farmhouse that they are fixing. They have the big barn for their four cats and plenty of land. We enjoyed our brief stay.


3 thoughts on “Trondheim and Cousin Havard

  1. Water falls seem to be there every place you go! Beautiful! Glad you are enjoying it, rain or sunshine. Happy trails to you for the reast of the trip. All OK.

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