Norway at Last

July 12, 2015

Norway at Last

After the wonderful time with our cousins in Sweden, it was tough to leave. Our cousins were so wonderful to us. We are at a lose for words to express our thanks for their time and generosity. Anyway, we made our way to Oslo easily using the airport train, a plane ride, a shuttle and picked up our rental car. Tom took us to the hotel and it started to rain.

We finally decided Ted to be Norwegian and head to the harbor which lies a couple kilometers away. We felt silly in raincoats and umbrellas as the locals were all in t-shirts like it was a sunny day. The rain let up and we enjoyed a walk around the harbor. 





 We managed to pose with trolls and saw many a statue including ones that represented real Norwegian women wrestling bears. It was light hearted tourism. We managed to catch glimpses of the royal palace and parliament buildings along with the harbor. In 1927 my Mom and her Family arrived at this harbor to visit the people whose families that we are on the way to visit.

           Enjoyed a pizza and a couple expensive beers. Money well spent.


3 thoughts on “Norway at Last

  1. Hope you have another great time with family. Happy birthday, Peggy. Jen on her way home. We had a great time. We did finally gave Goldie her meds!!

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