Swimming on the Rocks

June 30, 2015

Swimming on the Rocks

We enjoyed a peaceful breakfast on our patio. Since we weren’t quite sure how far the “beach” was, we drove. We found plenty of free parking since it was the morning. We joined a few families on the rocks. We did not buy beach towels for the adventure since we would have to carry them for the rest of the trip. We figured the flat rocks would do.

     We brought “Crocs” for shared showers and a beach like this. You entered the high 70 degree water and immersed yourself by walking over craggy rocks and barnacles. It was actually fine and the water is amazingly clear. The scenic setting gradually added visitors as the morning wore on. Even though the SPS 50 sunscreen had been applied. Neither of us wanted too much time in the sun. 

       After lunch and naps we headed for downtown. I figure about 2/3 of a kilometer from our dacha. It was quieter on a Tuesday than on Monday. I have no explanation but it was certainly more tranquil. After a seaside small beer, we decided to stay for dinner despite being there early. I enjoyed some the best squid ever. They were little guys that were grilled over a wood fire. Peggy stuck with fish and chips. 

       We managed to find some good ice cream. After all this was Italy between the world wars and has a long Italian connection. In summary, the day consisted of  a visit to the rocks and a short swim and another walk around town. There were no museums or churches unless you consider that the whole town is one. It takes absolutely no imagination to picture the Turks assaulting the Venetian fortifications. I am quite sure that they wanted their share of the gelati.


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