june 27, 2015


Today needs only one word to describe it -waterfalls. Coming from drought ridden Californian, it was particularly stunning to walk in an environment with so much liquid beauty. 

We left our extraordinary accommodations around 8:30 leaving a very nice Slovenia behind. I would highly recommend that Americans visit this laid back and beautiful place. We were treated to consistently nice accommodations and wonderful food especially our last night. The guesthouse proprietors formerly ran one of the more outstanding restaurants in Slovenia. Everything was perfect.

     It was a 3 and 1/2 hour drive to Plitvice Lakes Natiomal Park in Croatia. Our dear friend Helen Carter derives from the area in Croatia that we drove through. Our first day here as been somewhat exhausting due to a lack of preparation on our side and a lack of useful information from our usually reliable guide, Rick Steves. 


We found that this means Hiking Trail in Croatian after a little exploration.

According to Rick, two or three hours is plenty to get the flavor of this wonderful park of lakes and waterfalls. We spent five hours there today and I figure we were walking and taking pictures almost all of the time.Given that our normal hiking pace on almost any terrain is 4km/h. I figure we did 10 miles and only covered about half what Rick says you can do in a couple of hours. 

             It kind of reminded me of Cinque Terra in Italy with the several thousand stair steps. Today is was wooden walkways and stairs and stairs and stairs. We managed to run several Chinese tour groups into the ground. I felt sorry for the Moms pushing baby carriages over log paths. It was a special purgatory for parents with little kids.

         Having said all that, the walk was amazing in the best sense of Huell Howser. If we photographed every waterfall we would have burned up the camera. The limestone generates every possible color in the blue and green spectrum. I am glad that my father in law Bob Bryson was not there as he would have not been able to deal with the thousands of 12 to 16 inch trout swimming a couple feet away. No fishing is allowed.

       The place is truly a natural wonder. It was worth the walk. We have more planned tomorrow. Right now we are re cooperating with a beer. We are eating at the guesthouse. I don’t have the same expectations as last night but we will see.

Just finished the guesthouse dinner. The entree was a large chicken breast, one big pork chop and two sausages plus carrots, onions and a giant pile of potatoes. Oh yes, there was salad and dessert. We asked the girls serving if this was a normal meal and they assured us that it was. 

We need to walk another 10 miles tomorrow.

Get ready for more water pictures …..

3 thoughts on “Waterfalls

  1. I want to come too the next time you go back!!! What a beautiful walk! Barrett is getting cuter cuter. Hvve you seen the last picture? Doing well here.

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