Glacier Day

September 2, 2014

We woke to a very chilly entrance into Glacier Bay. It was foggy and gloomy. We still did our 12 laps as part of our effort to mitigate eating three meals a day plus samples and appetizers. We are probably losing the battle but will continue the fight.

Despite entering the national park at dawn, we would not reach the actual glaciers until noon. We attended a nice presentation by a park ranger before sticking our heads out on the bow deck. It was freezing and windy, and we were concerned that our viewing would be limited. We tried a number of locales on the ship to find warmer less windy spots and decided to take lunch before we got fully into the bay.

A little after noon, the sun came out as we approached the entrance to the arms of Glacier Bay where the glaciers were located. We attempted the bow one more time. Leslie and Dave had staked out a location on the tip of the bow. We squeezed in beside them. It turned warm and the wind stopped. It was great. All of us enjoyed the time spent in front of the Marjorie and Lamplugh Glaciers. The pictures speak for themselves. It was actually fun to listen to the glaciers as they kind of gave us warning as to when they were ready to calve.

It was exciting to see and photograph the glaciers as they deposited or “calved” ice into the bay. Bobbie hung in there with the rest of us for several hours. She was actually having a good time. She was also ready for a wine sampling accompanied by appetizers. It was a long day and we decided to skip the Magic Dog Show for the evening.


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