Eagles, Dumps and Homer

We awoke to bright sunshine in Ninilchik with a volcano emerging from the clouds and a juvenile Bald Eagle perched outside our window. The eagle occupied our attention for about an hour as more volcanos appeared across Cook Inlet. I managed to get a few pictures of him eating his breakfast at the risk of getting shot by an irritated Ninilchik resident. Steve cooled down after I told him that we lack such scenery in California.

We ventured down the coast towards Homer and enjoyed the glorious sunshine. There were a number of photo opportunities across Cook Inlet and overlooking Kachemak Bay where Homer rests. We went to the end of the pier but missed the otters. We did find a number of beach rocks and some great clam chowder. We purchased some halibut for the BBQ and some smoked scallops for appetizers.

We asked where the best place to see eagles in Homer was located. The town dump was the universal suggestion. We went to the dump and were disappointed since they no longer bury eagle food. The dump operator suggested we go the Anchor River. Unfortunately, that location had a couple of eagles but at a distance that resulted in less than great pictures.

We returned to Ninilchik and walked around the old Russian Orthodox Church with its buried parishioners. The term Creole was used and I was confused looking for Cajuns in Alaska. The Creoles were the part Russian and part Alaska Native progeny. They had all become Americans in 1867 with Mr. Seward’s silly purchase.

Nice BBQ and delicious fish and plenty of walking around. It was pleasant evening and filled with sunset photos.

2 thoughts on “Eagles, Dumps and Homer

  1. Can’t quite get why Steve was upset at you for taking eagle pictures. Was this a case of trespass on his property, or is he afraid you’re stealing the eagles’ souls?
    Chris is leaving for SF tomorrow night, so I will take over caring for Goldie. Maybe I can even convince her to take walks with me again.

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