The House that Dr. Seuss would have built

October 9th 2013

After yesterday’s exercise, today was an easy one. Took the Metro to Placa de Catalunya and walked up the street a few blocks to Gaudi’s Casa Mila, an apartment house for the Barcelonan well to do. Built 100 years ago, the place is still a hot address.

The building incorporates a number of features never seen in residential construction. It is cross between a place for Yoda and Dr. Seuss characters.




After you enter the joint, you venture to the roof top. Instead of satellite dishes, plumbing vents and AC stuff, you are in a wonderland.








Besides the roof, there are flats. One is maintained with original furnishings and fixtures.






We managed to get a new gizmo from the Apple Store and make it back to the hotel two minutes before checkout time. Caught a taxi to the ship. On board and unpacked. Lunch next to a gent who did not understand why the ship would stay two days in Barcelona since it is just a big city. I kept quiet.

Took the shuttle to the Columbus Monument and found a bar with wifi. This will probably be standard practice for the cruise. Good excuse for a beer.

3 thoughts on “The House that Dr. Seuss would have built

  1. What a joy to see Gaudi’s Casa Mila! I’ve always wondered why more architects don’t follow his lead. And he did it without benefit of CAD!
    On the home front, Randall is on a Rampage, re not having been consulted about cutting on “his” property. David dug deep not to throw him off the deck, last night. Victor was up yesterday with some guy named Steve who claimed to locate boundaries, now giving Randy a vaster domain, in which he is waxing Napoleonic. I sent Barry an email, warning him to expect to be accosted.
    I hope the sea is kind to you and all is smooth sailing.

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