We Did It

Psalm 100:4

In My Fair Lady, Professor Higgens crows “I did it”. Well we did it. We reached the Cathedral a little before one. I have to admit that I lost the shell markers in the city and we got to climb an extra hill before reaching our destination. Nonetheless, we are here.

Peggy was on the verge of tears when she heard the street musician bagpipe player. We arrived at one of the side entrances. I insisted that we find the hotel and get rid of our bags. Checked into a remodeled medieval hospice. Nice place to end the journey. Got online to checkin for our flight to Madrid on Wednesday. Comments on the Blog from Bob and Suzan brought Peggy to tears. Stepped outside and Roger the Kisser and Francois were just getting here. Francois started the kissing and Roger gave an emotional welcome. Peggy was cascading at this point.

We found a cafe for lunch and watched fellow Pilgrims celebrating. We found the Pilgrim’s Office. According to their records we are the only Americans to arrive from Le Puy this year. More may be on the way but we are the first. They were very congratulatory. Got our Compostela Certificates. They will be on the wall soon.

Visited the Cathedral and the tomb of St. James. We also gave his statue above the altar the traditional head butt and hug. Feel better that we did it even though I did not receive any immediate inspiration. We will return to the church several times since our hotel is 25 yards from an entrance. The restaurants, bars and tourist shops are in legion. Tomorrow, with the exception of a rest in Conques, will be the first without a hike in seventy plus days. Not sure what my legs will be thinking.

Started shopping for memorabilia. Found some of our items. We can shop tomorrow. The current plan is to attend the Pilgrim’s Mass at Noon tomorrow. We are planning on going to Finestere, Thursday on a bus and return in time to fly to Madrid.

I may add more to this after I enjoy a dinner and wine but I will upload a few pictures right now.


















Great meal. Many a squid gave its all for our dinner. Fantastic street entertainers. Dramatic buildings. Ran into many Pilgrims that we know. Picture with Stephanie, aka Dread Girl.








6 thoughts on “We Did It

  1. Since early this morn (woke up at 4:45) I have been on that trail with you in spirit….knowing your excitement that the end was at hand. Tears are cascading down my cheeks…… Well done, guys. You must be so elated and so proud….not many people our age could dream a dream such as this……not only did you dream, but you put your dream into action.

  2. So wonderful – 70 days of hiking is hard to imagine even with all of the updates along the way. So happy that you guys were healthy throughout – I’m sure that the meals and warm beds made the difference. Excited that you guys are going to Finestere – Brian was hoping that you would have time to get there before the return trip home.

  3. Congratulations! What an accomplishment! Have a safe flight home and I can’t wait to hear from both of you. All is well!

  4. It brought tears to my eyes to read your account of your arrival! We are so very happy for you! We also are grateful that you’ve taken the time to write these wonderful accounts and to share your photography, so that we could travel with you, vicariously. I can hardly wait to read about the grand finale, the Pilgrim’s Mass. Even as non-Catholics I imagine that you will find deep significance in it. Blessings to you both, from both of us.

  5. Congratulations! Its hard to believe that your hike is now over, it has been great being able to follow you during your travels. Looking forward to seeing you both soon!

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