Anniversary Walk

Philippians 4:8

Today we celebrated our 44th Anniversary with a 25 mile walk climbing around 1500 feet. It was a bit of a challenge but not so much as maintaining a loving relationship for almost a half century. Therefore, we are going to celebrate this event by ourselves, so the blog will only cover the essentials.

It was green and damp and then sprinkling. Saw many familiar faces and Peggy got her daily kiss from the old French guy. Not me, the other one. Managed to keep our distance from the noise making kids for the most part. Found our hotel around 2 in the afternoon. Did the usual stuff. Saw the Madagascar Samurai for the first time in quite a while. Maybe others will show.

Palas de Rei or King’s Palace is a somewhat out of date name as the Visigoth King’s palace was destroyed by the Moors in the 700s and was never fixed. It has been a funnel for pilgrims and there are plenty of accommodations. Ours is above the main drag but we will sleep fine.

We have a 28 km hike tomorrow but over gentle terrain. That will place us a two days hike from Santiago. We will be able to stay two nights and have two chances at the Pilgrim’s Mass. I imagine that some shopping will also get done.

It is sunny know and that is the weather forecast for the next few days. It is not supposed to get much hotter than 60. Should be a good finish. We are heading out for dinner. No pictures today.


3 thoughts on “Anniversary Walk

  1. Celebrate!!! Glad the weather looks OK for your end of the trail walk. Our news has been showing the river floods in Spain. Have fun in Santiago!

  2. Happy Anniversary! For some reason I stopped receiving email updates so thought that you guys were only posting updates on facebook, I must have updated something incorrectly. Anyway, catching up on all of your posts, a little odd knowing that you guys finished earlier today. Love you

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