Good Day for Ducks

Colossians 3:12 and 17

Started the day in the rain. After a glorious Saturday, today was not promising. We left Viana around 8 and headed out across some Spanish mud. Not up to the French standard and we moved on. We left a small town on the way to a big city. Quite a transition.

Followed highways and freeways into Logrono. Tried to avoid squashing snails. Mostly the squashed were little guys. The big ones stay on the side of the road. Seemed likes it was forever to get into Lograno on the paved walkway. Followed the signage through Logrono and emerged on the other side. Logrono was a prize for Naverre, Castille and Aragon who fought over this famous wine producing region.

Spanish cities are clean compared to a US city of the same size. No trash or cigarette butts despite the Spanish proclivity for tobacco. No homeless people but seemingly endless blocks of flats on the outskirts of the town. Followed the clear markings for five or six Kms. Finally reached this linear park that led out of town. Spanish people were walking their dogs and themselves along this several kilometer long park. We finally reached a lake or reservoir with fishermen and ducks. It had been a long walk in the drizzle and rain. Yesterday was so beautiful that the rain was a real disappointment. Rain combined with walking through an urban environment was a bummer

When we finally reached a park cafe, I declared lunch. Had a limonade and a Jambon bocatillo and fed the ducks. It rained hard for a while. The ducks did not seem to mind. We watched them compete for a piece of Spanish bread. No telling how hard they would have fought for French bread. The drakes and mallards spoke English with the quacks I could understand. We delayed ourselves enough to let the rain let up and headed out. Within a half hour the sun was shining and the vineyard workers were singing. Over the hill and into Navarette. We had done some 23 Kms.

We are staying in a three star hotel. Loving it. Ventured out and saw the amazing retablo in the local church. The pictures say it all. Ran into Jacque, the sausage guy. Bought him and his friend a glass of good Rioja wine. They did the same for us. Compared notes on good French wines and some of the not so good Spanish wines we had endured in Navarre. The sun was out and it was great. We met up with them at a Pelegrino restaurant and enjoyed another bottle of good but not so great Rioja.

Spoiled by the weather yesterday. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.























4 thoughts on “Good Day for Ducks

  1. We hope your days become sunnier, soon. So much water! We had a little rain, last night, but not the enduring moisture that you’re experiencing.

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