Last Preparations and Some Stairs

Peggy is adding a scripture reference each day. This a spiritual journey for the both of us. Maybe the verse can add to your enjoyment of our journey. Psalm 84 talks about having a Pilgrim’s heart.

Back into Le Puy for last minute preparations. Returned the car and turned in ignition keys off the next three months. Will be almost medieval. I guess that is the point.

Climbed up to the cathedral where will return this evening for an orientation and for a pilgrim’s mass at 7AM before setting off. Note: Our posts will probably become more infrequent as the hospices do not always have wifi.

Picked up a better map of the trail in France along with a scallop shell for Peggy. I will have a key chain size pewter one. The shell is everywhere.




The cathedral was built simply on a difficult site. Lots of stairs. We see it twice more in the next few hours.



Near the cathedral atop a volcanic spire is a small chapel dedicated to St. Michael. 263 stairs take you up to a modest but beautiful chapel started around 960. The stairs have been fixed a few times.








We surveyed tomorrow’s path up the hill to the right of me. The little map shows the climb.



Took some pictures near the front. Had a nice conversation with a retired French couple who had traveled extensively in the US.






Since we now have on hiking clothes, people seem to go out of their way to be friendly and wish us a Bon voyage. These encounters are with people we pass on the sidewalk. Can’t remember this warmth in the Yosemite trail parking lots.

I forgot to mention a couple that had ten years on us and were staying at the same place as us the day before yesterday. They were starting their Camino and seemed to be truly excited. Hope we will be the same.



Managed to avoid climbing up to this statue but we did manage to see the rest of the old town a couple of times. We needed find a button, get a French SIM chip for the phone, buy trail snacks and eat lunch. Lunch is always a two hour affair in France so we sat near a fountain and relaxed waiting for stores to reopen at 2. We will have to adjust quickly if we hope to find patisseries, charcuteries, etc. open when we need them.

Made it to the orientation meeting or should I say welcome. Poured us a drink of what I thought was pastis fortunately it wasn’t. The gentleman who stamped our pilgrim’s passport said that reservations on the Camino at this time would not be needed. Big relief. Start to walk tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Last Preparations and Some Stairs

  1. Love the idea of putting a Bible verse every day– will look forward to joining you in reading and them and add a prayer each day for both of you and a good, safe trip.

  2. So, you are on your pilgrimage. How many miles or should I say km will you guys do a day? Is there an average? Did you box up and mail everything you didn’t need for the trail?

    Love your idea of the bible verse, Peg. It’s so you. Are you carrying a bible or do you have a little book for Pilgrims with a verse for the day to reflect on as you hike?

    • We will start easy with under 10 miles a day for a few days. We will boost up to 20 km which should be our average.

      This is not wilderness hiking. If the weather is nice we camp. We will stay in gites and do a Demi-pension (dinner and breakfast). In either case, we are not cooking.

      We pass through hamlets, villages and towns daily. We can resupply most everything.

  3. Love you both – remember this is your own pilgrimage, no need to think about the people ahead or behind you or how old or young the other people are. This is your pilgrimage and they are on their pilgrimage. Again Brian and I love you and look forward to reading your posts when technology allows.

  4. Okay, all those stairs are making my knees hurt! David and I wish you a marvelous Camino. Let the adventure begin! Bon voyage!

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