Help Me Ronda!!

Left Seville in a light rain. Our destination for the day are the White Hill Towns of Andalucia. This region was under the control of the Moors until almost the end. Our destination of Ronda was not taken until 1485, seven years before the fall of Granada. The geography says it all.

Our first stop was in Zahara. A tiny town perched under a Moorish fortress.









It was windy and cool but no rain. Good thing since the rock paved path was full of slimy, mossy spots. Big group of Spanish tourists. They were more winded than us. Notice the cliffs. Peggy can find them.

Our faithful little car was waiting for us

Next was the town of Grazalema which is located in a Spanish National Park. Should have taken the warning when we came to the first road closed sign. We pushed on and found another approach. By now the rain is pouring and we are on a Spanish equivalent to Covington Road for 16 kilometers. We reach the town in a downpour. The streets are covered in a inch of more of water. We figure it is time for lunch Maybe the rain will let up. Go to a bar for a sandwich. Good ol’boy central. Got lessons in how they make bulls mean for fighting while they served us our slab of meat sandwich. Peggy got a picture of the morning harvest of asparagus. Looked great.


Tried walking around a little more. We had no life preservers, so we gave up



Headed out of town and ended up on this tiny road following a squadron of German RVs. The Deutsch are not real popular in Spain these days. They are blamed for the German “Paul Ryan” austerity program that has resulted in 25% unemployment in Spain. After following them for an hour, they were not popular with me.


In Ronda at last. The rain lets up and we are in business. Ronda is where Spanish bull fighting was invented. Philip II thought that it would be good training for knights. I am standing next to Pedro Romero who is held easily equal to Elvis in local legend. He is credited with the use of the red cape to irritate the bull. Peggy is doing a better pose. Oh yes, the bull ring in Rondo is the first in Spain.



Of course we found the cliffs and the 18th Century bridge, and the Moorish bridge and the Medieval/Roman bridge to cross and look over. Essentially, the old town was built on a cliff making it tough to conquer. That means more steps for the tourist. We found them all





Last picture was of a house given to a noble family by Queen Isabella 600 years ago Same family still lives there. Cannot be hoarders.


The old guy next to the other old guy explained in great detail the history of bridges to me in fluent Spanish. br />


Ronda is also credited with invention of tapas of which we going to hunt down right now.

4 thoughts on “Help Me Ronda!!

  1. Hope you won’t get so much rain on the trail after all you have walked through in the cities. Great pictures; All OK here but I think Goldie feels like there isn’t very much going on here.

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